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The 2019 Interim Budget was presented on 1 February by the Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, Here are the Highlights of this year budget:- Read More

GST Annual Return Form GSTR-9

GSTR 9 is an annual return to be filed once in a year by the registered taxpayers under GST including those registered under composition levy scheme. It consists of details regarding the supplies made and received during the year under different tax heads Read More

Taxation of Long term capital gain of listed securities for A.Y. 2019-20

The Finance Act,2018 withdrew the exemption provided under section 10(38) of the Income Tax Act,1961 and inserted section 112A to tax Long term capital gain arising from transfer of listed shares, Read More

What is Place of Effective Management (PoEM) in India

The Indian Income Tax System places the incidence of tax based on the residential status of the assessee. Read More

Impact of GST on FMCG sector in India..

No doubt, GST has bought several non-tax payers into the Tax bracket. But, what about some genuine and necessary sectors which have been affected because of the GST? Read More

Why Income Tax Software Is Important For Tax Preparers?

Tax payer has the responsibility of preparing and filing his or her tax returns but the tax preparer has extended responsibilities. Read More

Key facts about TDS return Filling Software for Companies

The fast growing global industry today is in the constant need of a software which can keep a track of the continuous changing laws and statutes which governs it.Read More

How to file income tax returns online?

Income tax filing has become easier due to the online tax filing option. The income tax can be filed without paying any fees to the expert when you do it online. Read More

Advantages of Work Flow Management Software

The companies working in varied industries have one thing in common and that is the time bound workflow. Read More

What Is Workflow Management Software? How It Enhance Work Efficiency?

Automation has entered each industry and the processes are getting even faster with lot many tools offered to conduct each and every task in lesser. Read More

How to manage workload effectively with conflicting deadlines and priorities?

Motivated team can take the entire company to new heights and at the same time demotivated bunch of people can work negatively for the company.Read More

Free workflow management software for your business

Are you finding it difficult to cop up with the stress associated with work flow management? Is your team demotivated and stressed due to the tasks assigned to them? Read More

Benefits Of Using Income Tax Software

Every new product comes with its advantages and disadvantages but this competitive Income Tax Computation Software will offer you only benefits. Read More

Income Tax Return Software - Get the Free Trial Copy Now!

Accounting and income tax management are the key requirements of the business but not the core business and hence every business establishment faces lot of time.Read More

Income Tax Software – How to Choose the Best?

Tax payment is not that difficult when you are earning but preparing the income tax statement is surely painful.The stress involved with calculating and filing income tax. Read More

Advantages Of Having Tax, Payroll and WFM Software For SMEs.

Any organization, small or big may have several business processes that may require lot of manual efforts and workforce.Read More

GST Software and its Advantages to Businesses in Calculation and Filing

GST is basically a value-added Tax which is taxed at different check points in the chain of supply, allowing credit for any tax paid on participation attained for the use in supplyRead More