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Key Features in DSC :
  • Get a real-time dashboard.
  • You will get DSC at the best prices.
  • Create orders for your clients.
  • Your client will receive proforma invoice by email.
  • Upon payment and the client sending documents to us you would get a commission of the difference between your sale and purchase price.
  • Commissions are paid every 15 days.
  • Upon receipt of documents we issue DSC and same is sent to you by email.
DSC Registration Process

Want to save time in Digital Signature Certificate issuance and document process?

Paperless DSC Registration Process (For Individual)
  • Upload Video
  • Aadhar Verification
  • — No other document requirement —

Do not have Aadhar linked to Mobile Number?

Traditional DSC Registration Process (For all types of DSC)
  • Upload Video
  • Upload Documents
  • Mobile Verification
  • Send Application Form hardcopy along with an attested copy of PAN & Aadhar

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What is a digital signature certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate is a highly secured digital key provided by certifying authority to validate and confirm the identity of the person who holds the certificate. To produce digital signatures, public key encryptions are used. The user’s name, pin code, country, email address, certificate issue date, and certifying agency name are all included in a digital signature certificate (DSC).

It supplies people with assurance and security. Electronic “fingerprints” are analogous to digital signatures. A digital signature is a coded message that securely associates a signer with a document in a recorded transaction.

It is a technique of validating digital information that is identical to a traditional physical signature written on paper, but it is performed using techniques from the field of public-key encryption. A set of digital signatures typically describes two complementing operations: signing and verification. A digital signature is created by combining asymmetric key encryption and digital digest technology.

Why is DSC important for businesses?

A digital signature Certificate is really important in this new era of modernization. Electronic processing has become the norm. Most things are getting an electronic version of them as books are getting upgraded into e-books, cash payments are getting replaced by electronic payments, meetings by e-meetings, learning by e-learning, businesses by e-business, shopping by e-shopping, and income tax by e-filing.

Similarly, DSC is the upgraded version of all the documented information of a person. It has great importance in business because it makes verification easy and time-saving. It also makes the authentication process manageable and environment-friendly.

Digital signature certificates online offer several significant benefits, including:

Effortless and convenient: The main benefit of DSC for business is its simplicity and convenience of usage. Once the signer has gotten his or her digital signature, adding it to any document and securely transmitting it becomes quite straightforward. The procedure is completed when the receiver signs the paperwork. Organizations can eliminate the procedure of scanning signed papers for email exchange by replacing physical copies with digital PDF files.

Assurance of high-level security: Following a typical paper document system is extremely time-consuming and costly for enterprises. While DSC comprises not only the sender’s signature, but also traceable information about who signed the document, when it was signed, and where it was signed. These intrinsic digital signature features provide more security than a traditional paper document.

Validation of data: All the data, in digitally signed documents, stay safe since it cannot be modified or altered after the signing procedure is complete. DSCs allow the government and other organizations to cross-reference and verify transactions. DSC removes the risk of unauthentic data and simplifies data access.

Authentication: DSC verifies the personal information of the person. Receivers of digitally signed documents can take appropriate action because they know the signer is not a fraud. It validates the original information and allows the organization to verify it immediately.

Eco-Friendly: Using digital signatures and DSC ensures the validity of digital documents and avoids the extra work of printing hard copies. It is quite an eco-friendly move.

Responsive behavior: The convenience of digital signatures implies a faster response time which is very helpful for organizations. Instead of involving several players who will handle printing, signing, scanning, and sending one side of the business transaction and the same set of actions on the other, a digital signature authentication occurs with the click of a button. It provides businesses with the skills they need and gives them a competitive edge, as well as introduces them to stakeholders.

Cost-effective: A digital signature is unquestionably cost-effective, as it eliminates the entire process of manual printing, signing, and scanning. It also conserves paper. All of this adds up to more profit for the corporation over time.

Applications of DSC

e-Filing of Income Taxes: Certain businesses, families, and individuals are required to use a Digital Signature Certificate to file electronically. Digital Signature Certificates provide greater convenience in assisting individuals and businesses in filing tax returns, and a greater level of security when performing any electronic transaction.

Tendering: Digital Signature Certificates are essential to all e-Procurement processes. There are many benefits to applying for a government tender online. Acknowledgments and receipts are provided immediately since all documents are uploaded to a central site.

Foreign trade: Digital Signature Certificates can be used to secure email and web-based transactions, as well as to identify other web-based transaction participants. To establish SSL/ TLS encrypted secured sessions between your website and the user for web-based transactions and to prove domain ownership.

Patent and trademark e-filing: A Class 3 category digital signature certificate is required to e-file Patent and Trademark applications, according to the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (CGPDTM). Class 3 DSC offers the greatest level of protection and is valid for one, two, or three years.

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