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Get Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) Online

Start your business by become Sinewave Associate with zero investment for Issuance of digital certificates in a fully automated system, .

Key Features in DSC :
  • Get a real-time dashboard.
  • You will get DSC at the best prices.
  • Create orders for your clients.
  • Your client will receive proforma invoice by email.
  • Upon payment and the client sending documents to us you would get a commission of the difference between your sale and purchase price.
  • Commissions are paid every 15 days.
  • Upon receipt of documents we issue DSC and same is sent to you by email.
DSC Registration Process

Want to save time in Digital Signature Certificate issuance and document process?

Paperless DSC Registration Process (For Individual)
  • Upload Video
  • Aadhar Verification
  • — No other document requirement —

Do not have Aadhar linked to Mobile Number?

Traditional DSC Registration Process (For all types of DSC)
  • Upload Video
  • Upload Documents
  • Mobile Verification
  • Send Application Form hardcopy along with an attested copy of PAN & Aadhar

Become Our Associate

For more information write us at or call 020 49091000 (Follow IVR – select language and then press 4 for DSC)

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