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TDSPro simplifies TDS management with user-friendly software. It calculates accurate tax deductions per section, facilitates online payments, and electronically files quarterly returns (forms 26Q, 24Q, 27Q, and 27EQ). Error-free filing is ensured through PAN verification and Challan matching, enhancing the income tax e-filing process.
Simplify TDS management – Get TDSPro now!
TDSPro is software designed to prepare and calculate TDS in order to manage your TDS quarterly returns. TDSPro tax software is extremely user friendly and aids in guiding its users to determine an accurate and exact percentage of tax deduction based on the section. The software also aids in TDS payments of such deductions to the bank online. In preparation and the filing of quarterly returns electronically covering forms 26Q, 24Q, 27Q and 27EQ. TDSPro ensures the filing of error-free returns through various validation mechanisms such as PAN verification and Challan matching as these are common errors that may arise during the process of filing income tax electronically.
  • PAN /TAN Verification
  • Quick Entry / Import From Xl For Payments Made
  • Auto Computation Of Interest U/S 201(A) I Or 201(A)Ii
  • Printing /Online Payment Facility
  • Upload Returns 24/26/27EQ/27E
  • Certificate Management U/S 197
  • Automated Process With Traces Integration
  • Return Dashboard
  • Online Services
  • Form 16/ 16A Can Be Digitally Signed And Emailed To The Respective Payee
  • Form 16 Part A And Part B Merging Facility
  • Download CSI, TDS, TDS Justification And Form 16/16A/27D
  • TDS Deduction And Payment Register
  • Correction Of TDS/ TCS Returns
  • Covers Compliance Of TDS/TCS
  • Return Uploading Facility From Software
  • Lower/Higher/No Deduction Management U/S 197
  • Quarterly Return As Well As E-Filing Formats Covered Under TDS
  • Export/Import Facility Through Excel
  • Auto Computes TDS Deduction And Generates ITR For Employees
  • Return Record Register (Filed / Not Filed) And E-Mail Facility To Customers For Filing Pending Returns
  • Online Services For TDS And Employee
  • Download Form 16/16A/27D Through Online E-KYC, No Need To Remember CIN, PAN, Passwords And Enter The KYC Details Every Time
  • Request/Download TDS Files
  • Auto Fetch – TDS Justification From Traces
  • Prepare/ Generate Form 15G/15H And E-File
  • Auto-Update Of The New Version
  • Notice Management
  • Document Management
  • User Manual And E-Guide Is Incorporated
  • It Covers TCS Working Also
  • Form 24Q, Form 26Q, Form 27Q & Form 27EQ
  • TDS Entry, TDS Payments And Form 16 Register Is Covered.
  • ITR (Income Tax Return) Forms For Employee Category
  • Salary Estimation Report With TDS Payment Details
  • Form 16 For Employee, Form 16A For Others & Form 27D
  • Form 26QB With Download Provision Of Form 16B Incorporated
  • Employee Wise Investment Details Report Provided

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