Movement of Shares

Movement of shares is state of art portfolio management software for an individual or group of individuals. It is available in Cloud Based & Android based to sync data viz a versa.

Available at a click

Get your portfolio valuation in real time
• Returns at script level
• Portfolio returns for an individuals and group of individuals
• Import data from MOS into Taxbase wherein Capital Gains and taxes thereon are self computed

Key Features


• Covers Investments, Mutual Funds, Future & Options, Trading Day Trading.
• Facility to enter Opening, Addition & Sales Separately. Auto calculation of Closing Stock.
• Facility to move Opening & Addition entries of Investment Trading.
• Facility to move Opening & Addition entries of Trading Investment.
• Facility to calculate Average Rates.
• Facility to Get current Market Rates.
• Android App also available on Google Play Store.
• Facility to view Profit/Loss briefly from Scripts.
• Facility to view Short Term or Long-Term Capital Gain on screen.

  • All Scripts Report.
  • Release Scripts Report.
  • Un Release Scripts Report.
  • Speculation Report.
  • Additional Report
  • Stock Holding Report.
  • Script wise Profit Report.
  • Script wise Profit Chart with Graphical Presentation.
  • Holding report with Profit Adjusted at script level
  • Total Transaction Report in print xls format for further analysis
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