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VATXpress (All India VAT Calculation Software)

VAT / MVAT Calculation and e-Filing Software

VATXpress – An extremely efficient and reliable VAT/MVAT software designed for calculating VAT liability and return filling of multiple dealers. This VAT preparation and calculation software cover almost every aspect of Maharashtra VAT (MVAT), including TDS, Profession Tax, E payment and E filling of all the latest VAT return for each category of Dealer. It has the facility to generate reports for statutory forms including the returns as well as an audit report. Other facility includes Central Sales Tax Preparation/ Computation.

Prepare and e-file your Monthly/ Quarterly Returns within minutes by the direct import of Tally Data: assists you to correct such defaults by revising and e-filing of revised IT returns.

  • New Sales/Purchase (bundle template) Annexure for FY 2016-17 incorporated.
  • CSV excel import/export for sales/Purchase annexure, where user can easily copy paste
  • data from any other data source.
  • Auto calculates and prepare VAT (231-235)/CST return from sales/purchase annexure.
  • Optionally Tally import facility for sales and purchase register is available.
  • Optionally Import MahaVAT template with data.
  • TIN verification facility is available.
  • Generation of MTR 6 Challan along with facility for online payment.
  • Computation of taxes payable after set off.
  • Database Backup and Restore.
  • Facility to print easy to understand computation sheet.
  • Auto-update of the new version
  • Facility to download of J1 and J2 Acknowledgement for earlier years
  • Other Dealer  Composition Dealer  Notified Oil Dealer  Dealer with Tax Incentive Schemes

Modules Covered

  • VAT  
  • TDS  
  • PT


  • Statutory Forms – Form 1,Form 101,Form 2,Form 210,Form 501,Form 231,Form 232,Form 233,Form 234,Form 235,C Form, Form 424
  • C-Form tracking
  • Audit Form 704 for auto filing of periodic data
  • Reports can be exported in PDF and DOC formats
  • Audit Report Forms – Form 704
  • Other Forms – Form III E (CST), Form III B (PT), Form VII BB, Form 710
  • Computing and generating periodic CST returns
  • Enables Forms / Report emailing to the respective dealer
  • Single / Batch printing of reports

Available at a click

Get your portfolio valuation in real time
• Returns at script level
• Portfolio returns for an individuals and group of individuals
• Import data from MOS into Taxbase wherein Capital Gains and taxes thereon are self computed

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