FAQs on Income Tax Return Software in India

Q.1 – How Is It Safe to Use Software for Tax Return Filing?

Safety and security are the key features of any ITR software. Now a days, user data safety is crucial aspect of any business. Hence you should use software that ensures the data and information safety submitted and processed using these taxation products.

Our tax filing software is trusted by more than 30,000+ customers across India. Taxbasepro – is rated as one of the best tax filing software in India. It is designed and developed under the guidance of qualified CAs, Tax Consultants, and industry experts. Using our tax products helps you to save time, money, and effort. Equipped with all the needed tax preparation, calculations, and filing features, you can file taxes with a great degree of ease and satisfaction.

Q.2 – How does the ITR software work?

As a CA or Tax consultant, we understand you expect some features to be included in the ITR software present in the Indian markets. Taxation products with useful features, fast and accurate processing of data, accepted by the tax professional communities are in demand.

Hence, the TaxbasePro ITR software is built considering all these requirements and successfully meets the expectations since decades. Our return calculation, preparation, and filing software will automatically fill in the details of various sections of income tax returns such as but not limited to Income from other sources and deductions from salary, Income from business, property, investments, and other assets, Interest paid on deposits, Dividends declared on shares Income from lottery prizes, etc.   

The software will also calculate your tax liability based on your income tax slab and the tax rate applicable to you then. It will also compute the total amount payable to be paid as bill or income tax by you according to the provisions of the tax section of India.

Q.3 – What things to remember while choosing an Income Tax software online?

       The Income Tax software must have some important features as follows:

  • Easy to use with/without technical knowledge or experience
  • Competitive and reasonable pricing compared with other ITR software
  • Multilingual with a user-friendly support
  • Completely automated filing options
  • Generate GST-inclusive or GST-exclusive bills
  • Integrated with multiple taxation norms, rules, and regulations
  • Online payment integration and advance tax computation
  • Track of refunds due and actual refunds received
  • Tax document management
  • Mobile application for android and IOS systems

Q.4 – From where should I download ITR Filing Software?

Downloading the ITR software from various taxation companies is very easy but finding the right, trusted, and value providing ITR software is difficult. Not anymore!

The Sinewave’s Income Tax Return software “TaxbasePro” is the solution of all your Income tax filing problems. The ITR software provides you with a very simple and easy way to prepare your income tax returns. The software is widely used by all segments of businesses, SMEs, MSMEs, individual tax practitioner, etc. This software is available with TaxbaseLANPro Unlimited User and unlimited assessees, TaxbasePro Single User, and unlimited assessees, and TaxbaseLitePro Single User and Single assessee.

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Q.5 – Is it a trusted ITR software?

Trust is everything. Your customer trusts you and hence give all the required information be it financial or non-financial without any hesitation.

We follow the same. You can trust Sinewave as it is well known brand in the market for 36 years now. Sinewave is one of India’s most trusted taxation software providers with more than 30,000 clients. As a professional software design company, we manufacture the most effective software for banking institutions, small businesses, offices, firms, businesses, and educational institutions. Our tax software is one of the most competitive, dynamic, and cutting-edge in the world.

Our 36-year experience in developing high-quality, reliable, and consistent taxation software has made us an expert in this field.  Providing advanced technology services is our way of assisting people. Aiming to transform the process of tax computation and filing. For more than a decade, Sinewave has been developing software products for the Indian market. We are focused on developing quality software that helps our clients succeed in their business operations.

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