Workflow Management

Sinewave Computer Services Private Limited is delighted to introduce its offline product "Work Flow Management" for Organizations,SMEs, and Firms having multiple offices across different cities. It's a complete offline solution which can be used for transparent planning and control of every part of an enterprise. You can also track the work status assigned to a particular employee and the time taken by him to complete it. It enables you to get immediate status on pending work, completed work and the cost incurred to finish the task.

Here are some of the important facilities provided in the WFM system.

Master data creation for the entire organization
Assign access rights to the employees
Inward and outward registers
Store Contact information of different customers
Add / Maintain the Taxbase Assessee information
Work Assignment
Work Proposals
My diary for both Employers and Employees
Document Management


Facility for allocation of assignment received from customers to office staff.
Facility of maintaining Inward-Outward register.
Proposal to define work category, rate per hour, estimated time and total cost.
Work Master to define the name and type of work.
Facility to assign rights to employees to have access to different sub-modules available in system.
Periodic progress status of various works in hand .
Facility to maintain other contacts apart form taxbase assesse by providing their information.
Facility to keep record of Customer profile which can help to assign work flow to employees customer wise.
Daily view diary for employees to view the work assigned with work description and facility to change the status if work completed or pending or transferred to other employee.
Facility of document management to save the customer wise documents by providing the system path.
Facility of Call Back request, Reminder & Notes.

WFM eBrochure
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WFM Quick Tour
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Please follow below steps to Purchase the Software

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Install WFM on your machine
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