Taxbase Broadly covers following key Modules

  • Advance Tax Computations
  • Facility for online payments
  • Income Tax Return computation, preparation and e-filing.
  • Document Management System
  • Dashboards for Income Tax and TDS
  • Covers all aspects of TDS/TCS e-filing.
  • Audit – covers regularly used audit reports along with e-filing.
  • Movement of Shares – Portfolio management
  • Financial Statements along with import from Tally
  • Billing module


Income Tax

  • Income Tax computation for selected AY and alongside previous AY for quick comparison.
  • Facility to import data from previous year.
  • Facility to import data from 26AS, AIS/TIS, MOS, XLS templates.
  • User Access rights for additional data protection.
  • Warnings and Validations at various levels.
  • Auto update data to partners accounts from the firm’s return.
  • Old/New Regime of tax computation for comparison and tax savings
  • Home grid search/filter facility on multiple criteria such as Name, DOB, Status, PAN, City, Auditor, City, filed ITR, In-process ITR or not started ITR along with print/ excel export.
  • Auto populate of employee data in home grid from TDS module.
  • Capital Gain facilitates selection of stocks and mutual funds along with ISIN code and FMV as on 31.1.2018.
  • Group-wise income report to have overview of Income and Tax for a family.

DMS - Document Management System

  • Separate folders for each member and respective AY.
  • Separate folders for Income Tax and TDS
  • Dashboard view of documents under each folder along with facility to save

TDS - Tax Deduction at Source

  • Data capture through manual entry and/or through user friendly xls templates or through TDS conso files.
  • Covers major aspects of TDS/TCS returns 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ etc.
  • Warning / Validations of data for potential errors
  • Manages threshold levels for applicability of TDS.
  • Caters to lower deduction of tax in certain cases along with applicable periods and applicable thresholds.
  • Monthly/Yearly salary data entry
  • Estimates income and tax in case of monthly data.
  • Prepares challans along with interest computation and facilitates online payment of same through income tax portal.
  • Facilitates sending of requests for form 16, 16A along with download and generation of the respective forms.
  • Merging of Parts A and B for Form 16
  • Digitally signing of single/bulk filing of forms such as Form 16/16A and dispatching of same through bulk mailing to respective payees.
  • Facilitates revision of returns and submission of these to the income tax portal.


  • 3CA/ 3CB/3CD
     – Copy data from the previous year.
     – Import of data from user friendly xls templates under various sections.
     – Auto pick data from ITR or vice-versa for depreciation entries or import from xls.
     – TDS compliance – import data from tds module or import from txt/ conso files.
     – Validates and generates efile and upload to ITD portal.
  • CARO report, 3CEA, 3CEB, 6B….. many more

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Movement of Shares (MOS)

  • Supports shares, mutual funds
  • Facilitates Investment, Trading or Day trading transactions.
  • Updates daily rates with a click of button using API calls.
  • Facilitates data look at your scripts of interest using various strategies.
  • Generates host of reports including
  • Profit chart over the period of the financial year.
  • Scrip wise holding along with Script wise profit
  • Short term/ Long Term profit booked/not booked
  • Profit adjusted cost of scripts.
  • All above reports may be generated for an individual or for multiple members or all members in a family.
  • All above data is seamlessly imported in the capital gain section of the income tax module thus eliminating cost and error of double entry.

Financial Statements

  • Maintains financial statements for a taxpayer.
  • Imports data directly from tally.
  • User-defined schedules.
  • Print/export to xls options.

Billing Module

  • Supports bills with or without GST along with print/ email.
  • Receipts in advance or against bills along with print/ email.
  • Credit and Debits notes.
  • Maintains Outstanding/ ledgers for a member or group.

Dashboards for Income Tax/ TDS

Online Services

  • ITR Dashboard – Quick update on ITR filing status on single/ multiple AY’s along with download of Acknowledgements in PDF format.
  • Refund Status – update status of refunds for single/ multiple AY’s
  • Intimations – Download intimations for single/ multiple AY’s along with intimation copy.
  • E-proceedings – download notices (if any) across multiple AY’s.
  • Defective return – quick update on status of ITR filed return if found defective.

TDS Dashboard

  • Update and download acknowledgement receipts for a FY and all quarters for 26Q, 24Q, 27Q and 27EQ along with following information,
  • Date of filing
  • Acknowledgement number 
  • Status of filing etc.

Activity Center

  • Quick Update on multiple Tax Payers or a group on
  • If PAN Aadhar has been NOT linked
  • If there are any demand outstanding across multiple years
  • If there are any notices open from ITD.

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