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TaxbasePro – Ultimate Income Tax Software

Comprehensive Tool For Income Tax Returns Preparation And E-filing!

TaxbasePro is the ultimate Income Tax Software which supports speedy computations of taxable income, taxes and interest. It quickly generates relevant ITR in paper and electronic formats (JSON/XML) along with quick upload to the department website. Beyond that the software works as mini ERP solution for electronic data handling in your office, through multiple key modules.

You can download fully functional copy for your trial for a period of 30 days.


  • Advance Tax Computations
  • Facility for online payments
  • Income Tax Return computation, preparation and e-filing.
  • Document Management System
  • Dashboards for Income Tax and TDS
  • Covers all aspects of TDS/TCS e-filing.
  • Audit – covers regularly used audit reports along with e-filing.
  • Movement of Shares – Portfolio management
  • Financial Statements along with import from Tally
  • Billing module


Income Tax​

  • Income Tax computation for selected AY and alongside previous AY for quick comparison.
  • Facility to import data from previous year.
  • Facility to import data from 26AS, AIS/TIS, MOS, XLS templates.
  • User Access rights for additional data protection.
  • Warnings and Validations at various levels.
  • Auto update data to partners accounts from the firm’s return.
  • Old/New Regime of tax computation for comparison and tax savings
  • Home grid search/filter facility on multiple criteria such as Name, DOB, Status, PAN, City, Auditor, City, filed ITR, In-process ITR or not started ITR along with print/ excel export.
  • Auto populate of employee data in home grid from TDS module.
  • Capital Gain facilitates selection of stocks and mutual funds along with ISIN code and FMV as on 31.1.2018.
  • Group-wise income report to have overview of Income and Tax for a family.

DMS – Document Management System​

  • Separate folders for each member and respective AY.
  • Separate folders for Income Tax and TDS
  • Dashboard view of documents under each folder along with facility to save

TDS – Tax Deduction at Source​

  • Data capture through manual entry and/or through user friendly xls templates or through TDS conso files.
  • Covers major aspects of TDS/TCS returns 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ etc.
  • Warning / Validations of data for potential errors
  • Manages threshold levels for applicability of TDS.
  • Caters to lower deduction of tax in certain cases along with applicable periods and applicable thresholds.
  • Monthly/Yearly salary data entry
  • Estimates income and tax in case of monthly data.
  • Prepares challans along with interest computation and facilitates online payment of same through income tax portal.
  • Facilitates sending of requests for form 16, 16A along with download and generation of the respective forms.
  • Merging of Parts A and B for Form 16
  • Digitally signing of single/bulk filing of forms such as Form 16/16A and dispatching of same through bulk mailing to respective payees.
  • Facilitates revision of returns and submission of these to the income tax portal.


  • 3CA/ 3CB/3CD
     – Copy data from the previous year.
     – Import of data from user friendly xls templates under various sections.
     – Auto pick data from ITR or vice-versa for depreciation entries or import from xls.
     – TDS compliance – import data from tds module or import from txt/ conso files.
     – Validates and generates efile and upload to ITD portal.
  • CARO report, 3CEA, 3CEB, 6B….. many more

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Movement of Shares (MOS)

  • Supports shares, mutual funds
  • Facilitates Investment, Trading or Day trading transactions.
  • Updates daily rates with a click of button using API calls.
  • Facilitates data look at your scripts of interest using various strategies.
  • Generates host of reports including
  • Profit chart over the period of the financial year.
  • Scrip wise holding along with Script wise profit
  • Short term/ Long Term profit booked/not booked
  • Profit adjusted cost of scripts.
  • All above reports may be generated for an individual or for multiple members or all members in a family.
  • All above data is seamlessly imported in the capital gain section of the income tax module thus eliminating cost and error of double entry.
Financial Statements​
  • Maintains financial statements for a taxpayer.
  • Imports data directly from tally.
  • User-defined schedules.
  • Print/export to xls options.
  • Supports bills with or without GST along with print/ email.
  • Receipts in advance or against bills along with print/ email.
  • Credit and Debits notes.
  • Maintains Outstanding/ ledgers for a member or group.

Dashboards for Income Tax/ TDS​

Online Services
  • ITR Dashboard – Quick update on ITR filing status on single/ multiple AY’s along with download of Acknowledgements in PDF format.
  • Refund Status – update status of refunds for single/ multiple AY’s
  • Intimations – Download intimations for single/ multiple AY’s along with intimation copy.
  • E-proceedings – download notices (if any) across multiple AY’s.
  • Defective return – quick update on status of ITR filed return if found defective.
TDS Dashboard​
  • Update and download acknowledgement receipts for a FY and all quarters for 26Q, 24Q, 27Q and 27EQ along with following information,
  • Date of filing
  • Acknowledgement number 
  • Status of filing etc.
Activity Center​
  • Quick Update on multiple Tax Payers or a group on
  • If PAN Aadhar has been NOT linked
  • If there are any demand outstanding across multiple years
  • If there are any notices open from ITD.

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