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Experience efficiency and accuracy in income tax management with TaxBasePro from Sinewave. Automate tax computations, ensure timely tax payments, and effortlessly submit returns, all through a well-designed interface that's been shaping the industry since 1986.
ITR Preparation & e-Filing Software
Taxbasepro is the ultimate income tax software. Sinewave is the pioneer in Indian taxation software development. We have seen changes in the income tax law since assessment year 1986-1987.

Taxbasepro is a mini ERP solution assisting tax professional to manage his office affairs including computation of taxable income and tax thereon through well interfaced, easy to understand, screens covering all chapters of income and deductions.

Taxbasepro computes tax on taxable income and facilitates online payment of taxes. Taxbasepro facilitates automatic login to department website along with submission of return. To do the computation of income tax, generation of Income Tax Returns and printing of same in paper format or e-filing of same on Income Tax Department portal through automatic login and facilitated automatic download of acknowledgement.


Unlimited User and unlimited assessees


Single User and unlimited assessees.

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Our ITR Software Product Modules
Advance Tax Computation
Tax Consultant can manage all activities like advance tax computation, online payments and estimated income may be a percentage increase over last year income or manual entry. Advance Tax Registers, send reminders, advance tax.
TDS Preparation
This module covers all aspects of TDS preparation, facility to file TDS and TCS Returns, online services for employees and TDS services, auto download of TDS justification report, TDS files and download facility for Form 16, Form 16A and 27D.
Audit Forms Preparation
Preparation and e-filing of various Audit reports like 3CA/3CD, 3CB/3CD and 3CEB.
Capital Gains
Our TaxbasePro ITR e-filling software makes complex capital gains computations simple. The ITR software has innovative excel sheet where the same may be shared with taxpayer and receive filled data sheet. Importing the same with one click functionality. The income tax software has built in library of FMR for NSE, BSE and mutual funds as of 31.1.2018 and applies logic of computation of taxable capital gains along with book profits.
TDS Dashboard
This module updates data from traces and income tax website providing consultant access to acknowledgement numbers and acknowledgement copies of all tds returns. The dashboard further covers any status of return and defaults raised by department. Can be shared with Taxpayer through Taxbase mobile App.
Billing Generation
Facilitates you to generate bills including /excluding GST, view various ledgers and outstanding facility to print or email to customers directly.
Tax Document Management
It helps you to manage documents pertaining to your customers, including documents received during the process of return preparation and audit report preparation. You can keep track of pending documents and can even send alert email to customers. Can be shared with Taxpayer through Taxbase mobile App.
Update ITR Dashboard
Through Online Services the ITR software updates Assessee’s ITR dashboard for a selected AY or multiple AY’s. The software logs into the Income Tax Website and fetches data in one go and updates dashboard which covers date of filing, Acknowledgement no, Status/ Remarks along with soft copy of acknowledgement. Can be shared with Taxpayer through Taxbase mobile App,
Refund Status Dashboard
The ITR software keeps track of refunds due and actual refunds received – assessee wise over multiple assessment years. The refund status is updated from the Income Tax Website.
Tracking Notices and Intimations
ITR software updates information from email or Income Tax website thus keeping professional up to date with actionable items along with due dates.
Taxbase Mobile App
TaxbasePro tax software comes along with mobile app both in android and IOS formats. This app is white labelled for the tax professional as tax professional can upload his logo and share this app with his customers (up-to 10 it is free). Taxpayer at a glance can view his documents such as acknowledgements for ITR and TDS.

Taxpayer can also submit his documents through app to the tax professional which instantly become visible in DMS module of Taxbase, This app covers tax calculator and reminders through notifications for payment of advance tax, PF payments as may be initiated by tax profession through the software.
Movement of Shares
Our income tax software facilitates entry of sale and purchase details of shares, FNO trades and daily trades. It further facilitates import of same from excel and has facility to import from trade books of few trading platforms.

Reports include realised/ unrealised capital gains. It facilitates import of same in capital gain module. It further provides generation of xml file which may be imported in tally for accounting purposes.
CRM Module
TaxbasePro ITR software comes sophisticated CRM module, wherein the Tax professional may send birthday, anniversary greetings along with reminders for payment of advance tax etc. to his/her taxpayers through SMS, email or through Taxbase App.
Our Product Features
  • Master creation of all types assessee for Income Tax and TDS
  • Auto fetch – Assessee personal information from IT department website based on PAN & Login details
  • Allocates assesses to various groups, to overview group income and group tax.
  • Compute Advance Tax for all installments along with facility for online payments
  • Covers computation, preparation and E-filing of ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, ITR4, ITR5, ITR6, ITR7 along with detailed computation sheet
  • Covers preparation and E-filing of various Audit Reports (Form 3CA/3CD and Form 3CB/3CD/3CEB)
  • Facility for Tally Import of Balance sheet and Profit & loss account.
  • Facility for Excel data import / export for chapters of income, Form 3CD, Balance sheet, Profit & loss account
  • Auto download and import of 26AS with various taxes paid details, along with all other online services available on Income Tax website through tax payer login
  • CRM activities such as sending reminders for payment of advance tax
  • Download acknowledgements from Income Tax portal for clients.
  • Notice Management for notices received from ITD for one/many clients through emails and resolution of such notices
  • Comprehensive Document Management System (DMS) to cater to various documents of clients along with sharing of the same through email on Taxbase Mini Android Application
  • Built in TDSPro for management and filing of TDS returns, along with generation of form 16A, 16 etc., tracking default notices on multiple assesses
  • Support computation of Income Tax. Covers Library of regularly used forms
  • Rights allocation to users to avoid unauthorized access along with data backup
  • Auto Upload of xml file
  • LAN compatibility
  • Auto Downloads of Form 26AS, Form 16/16A, Form 27D
  • Billing for various activities to clients along with maintenance of bill register, receipt resisters, ledgers and outstanding
Special Features
Provision of Assessee A.Y. wise report, blank data entry sheets
All the reports are exportable to MS Word (.doc) and Acrobat (.PDF) file
Availability of Advance Tax Challans and Advance Tax register
Direct emailing of the reports to the assessee.
Single or batch printing of the reports
Income Tax Register
Inward / Outward Reconciliation
Advance Tax Register
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