Movement of Shares

Discover advanced portfolio management with 'Movement of Shares.' Choose from Cloud or Android for effortless data sync.
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Comprehensive portfolio management software, 'Movement of Shares,' encompasses investments, mutual funds, futures, options, and day trading. It offers seamless tracking, calculations, market rates, Android app availability, and detailed profit/loss and capital gain insights.
Get your portfolio valuation in real time
Unlock the power of intelligent portfolio management with 'Movement of Shares' by Sinewave. This state-of-the-art software covers a wide spectrum of investments, including mutual funds, futures, options, and day trading, making it your comprehensive financial companion.

With features like separate entry options for opening, addition, and sales, auto-calculation of closing stock, and the ability to move entries seamlessly between investments and trading, it offers unmatched convenience. Stay up-to-date with current market rates, and enjoy the flexibility of our Android app, available on Google Play Store.

Visualize your profit and loss at a glance, and effortlessly track short-term or long-term capital gains. Download 'Movement of Shares' now and take control of your financial journey with Sinewave.
Functionality of Team Control

Admin / HR Login

Employee / User Login

  • Daily Attendance view with monthly quick summary (like: Total present, Absent, Late, Leave & Half day)
  • Monthly Present, Leave, Absent, Late, Half-day Reports
  • Also, Working Hours, Early going reports with period selection.
  • Leave Management : Apply Leave against balance, View, edit same.
  • Supervisor/TL can manage own team members leave (Approve/ Reject with suitable remark)
  • View Holiday list.
  • Outdoor/Field Management with self-Entered, Pre-apply with Get-approval & Allocation by Supervisor.
  • Employee can view own Pay slip , Salary Statement (Earn Card) & Form 16 (Sync. by Paywhiz software).
  • Facility to manage employees with designation, department, shift.
  • Facility to manage shift rules. (shift time, grace period, late-half day management)
  • Dashboard can view all summary of employee attendance (present, absent, late, early going, etc.)
  • Option to enter employees manually attendance as well as get biometric data.
  • Leave management with balance, apply, approve reject with remark.
  • Leave apply notification to TL/Supervisor. With sender configuration facility.
  • Attendance & Leaves various reports with suitable filters & search facility.
Android App available for Employee
  • View Attendance with Calendar view (Covers: attendance with In/Out punch, Absent, Half day, late marks, Leave)
  • Attendance summary view (Total Present, Total absent, Late coming, Leave & Half Days)
  • Monthly report with full details.
Module / Features
  • Employee Management
  • Attendance Module
  • Leave Management
  • OD / Field Management
  • Payroll
  • Module wise Reports
TeamControl StandAlone
TeamControl with Paywhiz
Experience state-of-the-art portfolio management with 'Movement of Shares' software, available in both Cloud-based and Android versions for seamless data synchronization.
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