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Things to Know Before You File ITR

Getting income in your account every month is really too comforting, but filing the income tax returns for the same annually is quite a pain! However, if you know the easy ways to file your ITR accurately then there would…

Concept of Supply under GST Part-II

In this part, we shall discuss the clause (b) and clause (c) of Section 7 of the CGST Act 2017 Section 7, (For the purpose of this section, supply includes………As per clause (b ) of Section 7 of the CGST…

Concept of Input Tax credit-PART I

Under the Indirect taxes mechanism, the taxes are levied at every stage of value addition. This is applicable in case of supply of goods as well as services. Thus it is important to understand that tax and the value addition…

Composite and Mixed Supply under GST

The determination of taxability of transactions, involving multiple goods or services or a combination of goods and services has always been a challenging aspect under the indirect taxes. As far as the Pre-GST regime was concerned, the taxable events like”…
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