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Sinewave Sales Representative Program

Sinewave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. offers an exciting business opportunity to Individuals who want to join forces with us and become a Sales Representatives by proactively generating demand and delivering Sinewave’s solutions to the market. Our Sales Representatives maximize their sales and margins with our proven Taxation, HR and Payroll, Online Tax and Automation software Solutions. With our Sales Representatives we focus on generating demand for our products through innovative and effective Tax and online office automation solutions.

Our Goal is:

For The Company

  • To have Strong network of highly motivated individuals with business and sales exposure.
  • To expand our network horizontally & vertically and establish Sinewave’s presence across the country.

For Sales Representatives

  • To get associated with Leading Brand in Taxation and HR software solutions provider.
  • Earn exciting returns.

Benefits :

To Sales Representatives:

  • Association with the leading provider of Taxation and HR software solutions
  • Exclusive access to information on Sinewave’s features, benefits, and new product releases
  • Access to co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, articles etc.
  • Access to Sinewave’s sales and technical experts for assistance during the entire sales cycle.
  • Aggressive margins on revenue with additional benefits.
  • Outstanding technical support by highly-skilled and experienced team.
  • Joint lead generation activities and marketing support.

To customers :

Chartered Accountants (CA’s), Cost Accountants (CWA’s), Tax Consultants, Education Institutions, Co-operative Societies, Banks, Service Industry, Small and Medium Scale (SME) industrial sector which Sales Representatives introduce to Sinewave will benefit from a substantially lower cost software, end-to-end and excessive easier functionality, industry-specific capabilities, ready to reach technical support that will allow them to become more efficient and competitive in their market.